Home Halo – Keep Your Kids Safe

There is growing awareness of the harm done to young people by an unregulated internet, with no governing body and no censors. Children can easily be exposed to damaging and inappropriate content and the interactive nature of the internet means children can be targets of crime and bullying. The EU Kids Online 25 Country Survey (2012) found parents worried more about online risks than about drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs.

HomeHalo carried out independent market research with over 1000 parents who have children between the ages of 7 and 15 and found 83% were concerned about internet safety for their children.

The new HomeHalo device sits between the home’s WiFi router and all the online devices in the household and can be set up in just five minutes. There is no software to install on any of the household devices. The system can be used to limit internet access for any device that connects to the internet in the home – and using the App, parents are able to control usage and set ‘rules’ for every child/user including enabling and disabling internet access, setting up time schedules for access, granting temporary extensions and turning on “Homework” mode which allows internet access but blocks distracting websites. Furthermore, when a child’s time is up, they can even request an extension right from their web-browser which sends a message directly to the parent’s smartphone for approval.

For more information call http://www.homehalo.co.uk


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