Suggestions For Your New Years Resolutions

2014 New Year’s Reso…YOU…tions

Still looking for suggestions for your New Year’s Reso…YOU…tions? – then here’s a list of ideas and inspiration to start you off! Plus a whole range of activity providers to get you started!

Whatever YOU want to be in 2014 – YOU can be it!!

1. Get Fit & Healthy                                        6. Find your Soul Mate    

2. Quit Smoking                                           7. Change Your Mindset

3. Find a New Hobby                                    8. Make Time for your Loved Ones

4. Volunteer                                                  9. Find a New Job

5. Lose Weight                                           10. Travel More & Visit New Places            


1. Get Fit & Healthy

So, it’s a New Year, so how about a New You? Have you over indulged during the Christmas period? Want to lose a few pounds and detox at the same time? Metabolism slowed down and need a kickstart? Want help with losing some weight and getting rid of that sluggish feeling in a healthy and nutritious manner? One of the best ways to make your resolutions a success of it is to find other people in your situation and share the experience and making new friends is always an additional bonus! There are so many sporting options out there and you are sure to find one that works for you with our simple search tool, just choose your town and search by category or keyword. Need a helping hand to get you on the road to being healthier and fitter in 2014? Have you heard about Amatsu Therapy? No? Well, it is an amazingly unique therapy that looks at the body with a truly holistic approach, finding the root cause of a problem rather than just treating symptoms.

2. Quit Smoking

The benefits to your health, relationships, finances, vitality, the environment and to your sense of self-esteem for having conquered a really hard-to-kick habit will make any and all of your efforts and determination more than worth while. The resolution to become a non-smoker will also help you to live longer and enjoy the finer things in life.

So once you’ve made that big decision you simply need to find the way to do it that suits you best and there has never been a wider range of options and therapies to give you a helping hand. There are alternative therapies such as hypnosis and acupuncture as well as support groups and nicotine replacement therapies it can often take more than one attempt but don’t give up the rewards are so great.

3. Find a New Hobby or Learn Something New

Considering a new direction, or want to meet new people who enjoy similar things to you? Want to learn a new language or musical instrument? Or do you want to become a better at something you enjoy? Well 2013 is the year to realise those dreams and ambitions…it’s time to IMPROVE AND INSPIRE YOURSELF! Whether you take a course or read a book, you’ll find education to be one of the easiest, most motivating and beneficial resolutions to keep. You may surprise yourself with what your capable of or have a passion for. Here at whatson4me we love to inspire and help people find a whole variety of activities and classes in your area. Whether its an educational class, dance class, a new sport or simply inspiration you are searching for we have something for everyone!! Just use our simple search: by day; area; activity or any other keyword and let whatson4me help inspire you to find something new to start 2014 on the right foot. Make new friends, meet new people and enjoy activities you have never considered before.

4. Volunteer

A popular, non-selfish New Year’s resolution – Volunteering, which can take many forms such as spending time helping out at your local library, mentoring a child, or building a house to name a few. Volunteering has increased massively in the last few years and in a time when money is tight there has never been a better time to donate your time. All sorts of volunteers are needed within the community and possibly in areas you never realised your help could matter so much. You may not even be aware of the huge difference giving just an hour of your time each week can make. I’m sure we all wish we could do more to and there are so many chances out there for you to do that; sometimes its just finding out where we can help and our website can do that searching for you – just type “volunteer” into our simple search! From animal sanctuaries to help lines and support groups we had a variety of volunteering opportunities listed on the site so why not start searching and see where your skills could really make a difference.

5. Lose Weight

After all that Christmas indulging and nights out celebrating the pounds can easily creep on over the festive period, it happens to the best of us! The New Year is a great time to start thinking about looking after your weight. So why not take up a cookery course and learn more about cooking healthy food or enrol in your local gym and have someone help you put a plan together that works well for and your needs? The benefits of losing weight are huge and have a massive impact on both your health and your social life and there are a whole variety of ways that you can do this. Type “weightloss” into our simple search to find classes near you whatson4me search If you find that you are short of time and looking to get back into that dress that has become a little snug in a hurry why not enrol in bootcamp or look at joining your local slimming club? If you enjoy music and meeting new people why not sign up for a local dance class or fitness class. There is a style of dance to suit everyone and with the new dance craze Zumba sweeping the nation why not find out where your nearest class is and get shaking those hips and the pounds off at the same time? There are so many ways to lose weight and get fit at the same time don’t give up trying and you’ll be wearing those jeans or looking great in that dress in no time at all!

6. Find your Soul Mate

Romance is alive and well as more and more people are looking for that special someone, their soul mate who lights their fire, that one person whom they love unequivocally and who shares their worldview. Soul mate relationships are the sort of romantic relationships most of us dreamt of when we were young and innocent: loving and erotic, committed and inspiring and best of all – lasting. We all hope to find our soul mate but sometimes we need a helping hand and there are lots of ways for you to do that. Have you ever thought about speed dating or joining a dating agency? Love is not always going to land in your lap sometimes you need to get out there and meet new people and what better sort of person to meet is there than one who enjoys the same sort of things you do? If you haven’t dated for a while it can seem like a scary prospect but there are so many ways to get back out there and meet new people and if you don’t meet your soul mate you can stil make new friends and who knows what can happen! If you have a sport you enjoy or a hobby that gives you pleasure why not think about joining up with likeminded people and meeting others who enjoy the same interests as you? If you go out to the same places regularly why not try somewhere new and meet new faces and if you’re looking for inspiration you have certainly come to the right place.

7. Change your Mindset…!!

With the New Year starting it’s time to think about all of the ways that you’d like to improve your life in order to make you feel the best you can, and a great way to explore new ideas is through Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy! However, change is NOT going to happen without ACTION!!! If you want to gain more confidence, then book sessions with a Life Coach NOW! If you want to get rid of your fear of flying or presentations, then consult a Hypnotherapist NOW! If you’d like to eradicate a nagging emotional issue, or if you’d like a new perspective on a painful situation, then book a session with an NLP therapist NOW!! If you want to get rid of your fear of flying or presentations, then consult a Hypnotherapist NOW! If you’d like to eradicate a nagging emotional issue, or if you’d like a new perspective on a painful situation, then book a session with a therapist NOW! Start 2014 in a brand new frame of mind! You can book a one-off session, a course, attend a seminar or request telephone sessions. It doesn’t have to be expensive or lengthy. Call the professionals for advice and begin 2014 a as a brand new YOU!!

8. Make Time for your Loved Ones

Resolve this year to make more time for those who need it most – which could be YOU, or your partner, or your friends and family. If you’ve been neglecting those you love, then re-prioritise in 2014. Start to make time for those around you that you want to keep around you! Find activities that you can both take part in… would you both enjoy learning about a new skill – perhaps take part in a cookery course? Enjoy getting fit…work out together…! Remember – Couples who play together…STAY TOGETHER! takes the stress out of finding activities for you and your friends to do – so start your search now! And if the stresses of 2013 have already taken their toll and your relationships have already suffered – then arrange a chat with a professional about how to re-prioritise and achieve a better balance. Don’t be shy to call on the experts – they have years of expertise and can help you achieve all you desire in simple steps!

9. Find a New Job

A new year provides a sense of getting a free do-over, so you can try again and get it right. Many people resolve to find better jobs or to take a new approach to the jobs they’ve already got. Most of us are reflective at this time of year and if 2013 didn’t give you exactly what you wanted – workwise – then it’s time to reassess. See our sister website for great opportunities for 2014. And if you’ve been thinking about starting your own business…why not consider our What’s On 4 Business Opportunities…? Working from home is fast becoming a popular choice if you really want to take control of your situation!



10. Travel More & Visit New Places

When people decide to leave the comforts of their home and venture to other locations there is usually a reason behind it. Whether the cause to travel was a last minute whimsy or had an actual purpose, it makes you think about all of the reasons why people travel.

Well, a New Year and new resolutions may be just the push you need to get you out and about and more travelling doesn’t have to mean you have to leave your country or even your county – why not simply try just doing something different?

We don’t all have the money to hop on a plane or boat and visit foreign lands especially straight after the expense of Christmas but you could always set a goal to visit new places in your own county.

If you’re looking for inspiration then you are already in the right place and we can help you find something to do when you get there. Simply enter your town or county and we can help you find things to do in every area of the county and suggestions of places to eat and activities to do when you get there. If you do fancy venturing a little further a field then why not search our listings for other counties or travel agents and see what offers are available. Right now there are lots of different offers available and you could be discovering new places as we speak. Just use our simple search: by day; area; activity or any other keyword and let whatson4me help inspire you to find something new to start 2014 on the right foot.



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