Ways for Dads To Connect With Kids

Today’s post is for Dads.  We have 25 ways for you to have fun and connect with kids.  25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids

For Dads

Here are some fun ways, for Dads, to connect with your kids.  We loved the book, The Connected Child.

After reading that book, we were inspired to create this list of activities through play.

25 Ways 

1. Have a tickle party – your child will love to try and tickle you!

2. Read them a story, only change the characters so that the story is about your child.

3. Play airplane, only act like your child is the airplane and fly them around the room.

4. Blow a balloon and let it go – try to catch it.

5. Feed each other a tasty treat.  Your child will love putting food in your mouth.

Dad and Child

6. Give your child a piggy back ride, or a ride on your shoulders.

7. Hold their hands and “jump” your child, or let them do somersaults by climbing up your legs.

8. Look your child in the eyes and tell them that you love them, often.

9. Blow raspberries in their belly. Try to make different sounds with your mouths and have your child mimic you.

10. Pretend they are a pillow and go to sleep on their bellies.

For Dads: 25 Ways to Connect with Kids

Connect with Kids

11. Let your child help with a chore – making Daddy coffee is the highlight of my toddler’s morning.

12. Dance with your child.  Swing them in the air and twirl them around your legs.

13. Play “Tackle Daddy”  – your kids will love to push you over and climb on you.

14. Pretend to be a sleeping monster, catch your kids when they creep near you.

15. Chase your child around the house to give them hugs.  Try crawling in the chase.

Dad Play

16. Play hide-and-seek, only hide with your child and have mommy try to find you.

17. Hold your child’s hand and go for a long walk together.

18. Sing silly songs together – use different voices, try to sing it as fast as you can, etc.

19. Ask your child questions – even if they are too young to answer them.

20. Give your child a bear hug.

Fathers and Children

21. Take your child on an adventure.  Play dress-up and then go to the store together in your outfits.

22. Turn off the sound to the TV and make up words for the characters as they act.

23. Collect props from around the house and take pictures of each other.

24. Try to solve an age-appropriate puzzle together, maybe a map, or a rubrics cube, or for younger kids a maze.

25. Play toss.  Throw balls back and forth between each other.

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