Back to School Safety Tips

ImageImagePut “Safety” High on Your Back-to School Checklist

As you get your kids ready to go back to school, you’re probably busy making lists of school supplies you need to buy . One thing you don’t want to forget to do during this busy time of year is review back-to-school safety information with your kids.

Use these tips to help prevent accidents and to keep your kids safe at school:

Review basic street safety.

Whether your children take the bus to school or you drop them off directly, make sure to review the basic guidelines on how to safely cross the street.  Remind your children to only cross the street in designated crossings and to look both ways before crossing. If there’s a Lollipop person, make sure to follow his or her directions.

Prevent accidents on the playground.

Every kid loves to be able to run around during Breaks, but playgrounds can pose lots of opportunities for accidents and injuries. To help protect your child, make sure to remove drawstrings and other cords from their clothing. These strings can easily get trapped in playground equipment , Children should always be supervised while on the playground. If you have concerns, talk with your school and your child’s teacher about the level of supervision.

Use proper equipment to prevent sports injuries.

If your children play sports during the school year, make sure they are fitted with the proper equipment to prevent injuries, especially concussions. While it’s OK to buy gently used equipment in some instances, like Hurleys or hockey sticks, don’t skimp on a good quality helmet. A used helmet could already have the padding damaged and that will offer your children less protection. Make sure you can recognize the signs of a concussion (PDF) and learn how to prevent other common sports injuries like sprains or pulled muscles.

Talk to your kids about bullying.

No one feels safe at school if they are the victim of bullying or cyberbullying. Make sure you talk to your kids about bullying and teach them to report any cases of bullying they see at school, even if they aren’t the victim.

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